Water park for all ages

The outdoor water park at the campsite is popular among all ages. If you love splashing in the water, fun and water slides, you will not be disappointed. The swimming pool is heated with solar energy, and thus warmer than the air. 

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Water Park

The landmark of the water park is an 8 metre high and 50 metre long water slide, which can give most people an adrenaline rush, but there is also a surf hill, a counterflow, as well as bubble and water jets.

The youngest children will love the small pool with warmer water and a mini water slide.

The water park is open approximately from mid-May until September 15th 2021.

Tariff: Campsite guests: DKK 15 per entrance, no time limit. Card with 10 entrances DKK 100.

Access only for camp site guests. Guests from outside are not allowed, due to the situation of Covid-19. 



Relax your shoulders and lean back.

If you love pure relaxation, the water park offers a nice and warm sauna, a Turkish bath and an indoor spa. Enjoy a great book in one of the deck chairs, at free disposal.

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Outdoor Hot Tub

A unique experience

There is something quite unique in an outdoor bath, and when you can bathe in a hot tub with a view of Vejle Fiord, what could be better. The hot tub is wood fired and at 38 degrees Celcius the water is ready. There is room for 6 people in a tub.
1 days rent DKK 500