Oplevelser - både nær og fjern

Der er en masse oplevelser og aktiviteter i området - både natur- og menneskeskabt. Fra det kulturelle til det underholdende - og fra indendørs til udendørs. Brug guiden til inspiration eller kom forbi receptionen og få et par fif.

blaavand bunker museum

Blåvand Bunker Museum - Tirpitz

Come to the newest adventure center of the West Coast.

An amazing glass bridge in China, the Abu Dhabi edition of the Louvre and the Bunker Museum in Tirpitz, have one thing in common - they are on the CNN list of buildings you must have seen.

The advantage for you is that Tirpitz is only 55 minutes by car from DANCAMPS Nordsø. The center is brand new and was inaugurated on June 30 of this year. Take the opportunity to see first-class architecture and let yourself be taken on an exciting journey of discovery through time.

west wind surferskole

West Wind

West Wind - surf school

Due to its unique location between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord, the area around Hvide Sande is a paradise for all water lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

Especially for beginners, the fjord is ideal for practicing.

Kite - and windsurfing, surfing and the rental of canoes and SUP `s - all these possibilities are open to you. We work together with WEST WIND - if you are interested please contact us.



Enjoy a trip to Legoland.

The amusement park with more than 50 exciting attractions awaits you and your family. The Polar X-Plorer with 5 meters free fall, the tallest buildings in the world in Miniland and much more, provide action, fun and unforgettable hours for young and old.

fisker soefarts museum

Fimus - the fishery and maritime museum in Esbjerg

Denmark's museum about the sea.

You want to know what a dogfish feels like - visit our pet pool or come to one of our seal feeds daily at 11am or 2.30pm.

Films, exhibitions and photos convey knowledge about the life and marine life of the Danish North Sea.

The large outdoor area with an old fishing boat and a beautiful playground makes the visit to a beautiful experience.


Wadden Sea Center

Take a trip to the World Heritage Wadden Sea.
It is a unique nature area that was declared National Park in 2010. The architecture of Dorte Mandrup makes the building, with the thatched roof, look as if it would literally grow out of the ground. The exhibition "Wadden Sea of Migratory Birds" shows the Wadden Sea from the eyes of a migratory bird. Would you like to discover the wonderful world of the Wadden Sea yourself - take part in one of the many tours.
cykelferie oplevelser

Denmark's National Bicycle Route No. 1

The North Sea Cycle Route is one of Denmark's longest signposted cycling routes. No other bike path is so rich in contrast. You cycle along the sea, the forests, the fjord and the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea, through heath and dunes and through several cities, including the oldest city in Denmark: Ribe.

At 560 kilometers you can admire the unique nature from the saddle.

DANCAMPS Nordsø in the middle of the "Vestkystenruten" is an ideal starting point to explore the unique nature of the saddle.

Ribe viking oplevelser

Ribe Vikingcenter

Travel 1000 years back in time.

The Ribe Viking Center is a great experience. Children and adults with a passion for Vikings and good stories will get their money's worth. Train like a warrior, make a coin, try shooting with bow and arrow or mahle your own flour. Live in the life of the Vikings and enjoy a time travel.

Bork vikingehavn

Bork Viking harbor

Experience the Viking Harbor in Bork
- a unique museum where you can bring the life of the Vikings to life. Visit the reconstructed longhouses, dress like a Viking and let the kids play with little Viking ships. Return to the time of the Vikings.
Bunker oplevelser

The Kryle bunkers

Go explore

The 3.8 kilometers from Søndervig lie bunkers that, belonged to the Atlantic Wall and was built only in 1943-44. The entire construction consists of 50 bunkers and about 50 other concrete structures and some wooden buildings.

There are many individual bunkers in the landscape, but from the Houvig Strand car park, 3.8 km north of Søndervig, you can see flak positions, concrete foundations for radar, crew bunkers and a wall of bricks to protect a wooden shack against shrapnel.

Fiskeauktion oplevelser

Fish auction for the whole family

The Fish auction

Every Sunday from the 16th of July to the 24th of September (as well as during the autumn holidays) there is a fish auction for the whole family in the Hvide Sande auction hall. Take part and join in on popular fish species. Need help with gutting and cleaning? You can find help with one of the retired fishermen, who will be there to help and advise you for a small fee.

Mountainbike oplevelser

MTB in the dune plantation Blåbjerg

Mountain biking in West Jutland.

Great routes with different levels of difficulty. Next are the bold routes in the Blåbjerg Klitplantage. Three fantastic routes - of varying difficulty. Fine singletrack in hilly dune landscape, which alternate with open parts and woodland. Choose between the white marathon course of 13 km, the light green track of 4.3 km and the black and challenging track of 8.3 km and 145 meters altitude difference.

Friskfisk oplevelser

Fresh fish on the menu

Let the experienced fishmongers in Hvide Sande advise and inspire you - whether fresh salmon or plaice. Enjoy these delicacies of the sea, salmon fillet from the grill or horseradish, melted butter and potatoes ... whatever you choose - we wish you bon appetite!
Cykelracer oplevelser

Bike routes

Challenges for you and your road bike.

The nature of West Jutland is characterized by flat landscapes and a lot of wind. Cycling against the wind comes very close to mountain training. Because when they stop pedaling - drive backwards. Face great challenges as you ride on Bjarne Riis 'wheel tracks'. Every year, the 105-kilometer "Fjord Rundt Route" is held, where everyone can participate.

The route via Strava can be found here.

Lejencykel oplevelser

Rent a bike

West Jutland is an ideal place for cyclists. The beautiful landscape, the fresh air and endless bike paths literally invite you to cycle. At our DANCAMPS Nordsø campsite you can rent bicycles - come to us.

We hope you enjoy exploring the area by bike.


abelines gaard

Abelines Gaard

Besøg Abelines Gaard

Kun 400 meter fra campingpladsen ligger Abelines Gaard, der er en af de fineste, firlængede klitgårde bevaret på Holmsland Klit. Her skrues tiden tilbage og tempoet ned.

Abelines Gaard er som en tidskapsel, hvor store og små kan opleve livet ved Vesterhavet, som det var, da oldemor var barn. Leg som i gamle dage og hjælp gårdens folk med de daglige gøremål, og få et indblik i egen ved Holmsland i tiden fra 1854 til 1957.