om dancamps topbillede

Camping with a smile...

-Is the cheerful and outgoing motto at the DANCAMPS campsites. But it is more than just a motto; it is how the campsites are run. And how the guests can expect to be welcomed and treated – always with a smile. The smile binds the 4 campsites together, no matter if you visit Nordsø, Holmsland, Kolding, or Trelde Næs.

camilla dvinge dancamps

Camilla Dvinge, owner of DANCAMPS

“When you visit one of our campsites you can expect a personal service, which makes you smile. You are welcomed by hosts and staff, who are ready to do their utmost to give you a great holiday. A distinct obligingness and focus on you as a guest are near to our hearts, to ensure you the best holiday experience – with a smile.”

jens jensen campist

Jens Jensen, DANCAMPS camper

"A smile is the shortest distance between two people... . The staff at DANCAMPS prove this. When we visit one of the campsites, we always receive an excellent service, also in case something fails. Then the matter is solved – and always with a smile"

medarbejder 640x340

Lise Petersen, DANCAMPS employee

It is a pleasure to be a part of DANCAMPS. All campsites are characterized by a good mood and a positive atmosphere, which infects us all. In practice, this means that you will experience a personal, friendly and serviced-minded welcome, already when you make your first call to us, and later when you check in, and during your stay at the campsite. We simply cannot stop smiling…!